Best Quality Bathroom Accessories By Lycos Ceramic

Carreaux de mur en céramique de salle de bains luxueuse
Carreaux de mur en céramique de salle de bains luxueuse
August 30, 2019
Tiles of floor
Tiles of floor by Lycos Ceramic
November 5, 2019
Best Quality Bathroom Accessories By Lycos Ceramic

Best Quality Bathroom Accessories by Lycos Ceramic

We are delighted to introduce Best Quality Bathroom Accessories By Lycos Ceramic. Bathroom is an integral part of any home, then why not to keep it as much classy as your bedroom!
When it comes to innovation and quality, there is no match for our products! Currently, we are exporting in more than 90 countries and we are the largest manufacturer of Ceramic & Porcelain tiles. Our main markets are Latin America & Europe. To deliver the best and innovative products to over 600 happy and loyal clients, our 4 large units are in constant work along with our R&D department.
We have wide ranges in Best Quality Bathroom Accessories By Lycos Ceramic, From Soap Holder to Towel Rack, Napkin Ring Holder to Robe Hook, Liquid Dispenser to Tissue Paper Holder and many more! with so many attractive designs!
Along with Bath accessories we are also the leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Sanitary ware, Faucets, & Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles.


We have a wide range of amazing sizes and patterns that will leave you speechless.

Following are sizes we are manufacturing in Tiles:


Metro tiles:-
(100×200, 100×300, 150×150, 200×200, 108×108
Ceramic wall tiles : –
30×45, 30×60, 25×40, 25×50, 25×75, 25×37, 25×60, 20×30, 20×60- Regular sizes
Ceramic floor: –
300 x 300 (tiling and parking tiles), 400 x 400, 500 x 500, 600 x 600
[Outdoor tile 300 mm x 12 mm (resistant)]
Glazed porcelain: –
300×300, 300×600, 600×600, 600×900, 600×1200, 800×800, 800×1200, 800×2400, 1200×1200, 1200×2400, 195×1200.
porcelain tiles of soluble nano-polished salt:
600 x 600, 800 x 800
New arrival exclusive:
1600 x 3200, 1600 x 1600


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Mr. Raj Patel

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