Glass Mosaic Tiles

What is Glass Mosaic ?

Glass Mosaic is an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass may be a technique of decorative art,an aspect of interior decoration,or of cultural and spritual significance.small pieces, normally roughly cubic , of glass tiles of different colors,are used to create a pattern or picture. Gives an amazing effect on both interior and exterior of any construction body .Due to the small size - it's application is very easy and durability is very high. small pieces of tiny glass mosaic tiles are easy to maintain and its also cost effective.

Areas Of Application

There are wide variety of areas of application for Glass Mosaic Tiles. Lycos Glass Tiles is already used for Residential,Commercialand Government projects in all major cities in india. Some of the common area of application for Lycos Glass are interior,Exterior,Kitchen,Bathroom,Swimming-pool and other water -bodies like Fountains and Water-Parks. Lycos Glass is also best suitable for Hotels,restaurant,Public Buildings like Schools and college,Hospitals,Gardens and jogging Parks, Bridge,Railway Stations and Airport.

Benefits of Using Glass Mosaic

Lycos Glass mosaic tiles are available in various sizes to best fit your requirements. It's small in size and available in variety of colors (See our Products section for Shades and other information). Application of Lycos Glass mosaic tiles is very easy and takes little time. Other major features of Lycos Glass are it’s Performance, Durability, Reliability, Appearance. Uniformity, Customer service and Compatibility. Compared to other tiles in the market little Glass is more cost effective. Lycos Glass is perfect for Indian Weather conditions.

Quality Policy

Lycos Glass Mosaic tiles are manufactured by keeping in mind highest Quality Standards set by International Regulations. Our team of professionals Is working constantly in the direction to maintain the quality of our state of art Lycos Glass Mosaic Tiles. We strongly believe that the Quality is like Lifeline for any product or service.

Customer Assistance

Welcome to Lycos Ceramic - We are manufacturer of highest quality Ceramic wall and floor tiles. Porcelain tiles, sanitaryware. Faucets and Glass Mosaic tiles from - India. Welcome to Lycos Glass - We are manufacturer of highest quality Glass Mosaic tiles from - India.

Distributors Network across India

We have Dealers and Distributors network in almost all major cities across India. We are constantly- making efforts to reach to more and more parts of the Country so that we can he the closest possible to our clients and buyers. Our supply chain is very strong and we have most dynamic team of personnel in our distribution network.

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4mm thickness for batter depth,strength,color vibrancy.
327x327mm sheet size Compatible with major glass product.
0% Water Absorption makes it more drable & ideal for wet areas.
Design Customization in blend ,Gradation,Border,Decoration & Mural.
Mix & Merge different finishes to like Gloss,Matte,Ice,broke to get unique look.


Thickness4 mm
Water Absorption0 %
Size327x327 mm
Joint-Group20x20 mm
Weight0.7 KG/Sheet


No.Of Sheets40 Sheets / Box
Coverage4.28 Sq.Mtr / Box
Weight28 K.g / Box


Glass Mosaic Properties
Resistant to Heat
Resistant to Thermal Shock
Frost Resistance
Water AbsorptionNA
Resistance To Acid
ColorResistant to Fading
Resistant to Fungi
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